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Product Wise

Product Wise - Aroma Chemicals Solution

Product Wise - Aroma Chemicals Solution

Product Wise - Aroma Chemicals Solution

PRETECH has various chemicals manufacturing know-how, and can provide complete turnkey solution various products. At PRETECH we have a dedicated team of highly experienced and skilled professionals & engineers to work on process know how and provide end to end solution for following product

Aroma Chemicals – Aldehyde C16 / Aldehyde C 16 Special / Hydroxyl Citronellal / Rose Oxide / Rose Diol / Sandalcor / Nerol Oxide / Hydrotropic Aldehyde / Pure Sandal / Cinnamyl Acetate / Lavender

API Bulk Drugs Intermediates - Chlor Diazeproxide / Trimethoprim / Diazepalrn / Nifedipine / Trimethoxy Benzaldehyde

Essential Oils – (With High Vacuum Separation) Geranium Oil/ Citronellol Crude Oil

Alcohol Based Chemicals - Ethyl Acetate / Di Acetone /Acetic Acid

Other Generic and fine Chemicals.

PRETECH, with an experienced professional team, utilizes the latest techniques of project execution, and management information system for efficient and goal-oriented operations.



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